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Once Upon a Time I…

Visited Shakespeare with Donna Noble and LOVED IT.
Meanwhile Rory Pond painted the TARDIS Pink with Captain Jack Harkness.

The End.

Dunno how to feel about that last part…

Saved the universe with a dalek, in my underwear.

Meanwhile Amy Pond and Sally Sparrow partied with Vincent Van Gogh.

The End.

Once upon a time i saved the Ood with the TARDIS on national TV. Meanwhile Ten and the TARDIS partied with Vincent Vab Gogh.

The End.

Once upon a time, I crashed the Tardis with Sarah Jane Smith because an Ood told me to. Meanwhile Rory Williams and Amy Pond (now that’s freaky) adopted an adipose. The end.

Once upon a time, I met the Face of Boe with Rory Williams while wearing a fez. Meanwhile the Master and the Master kissed on Bad Wolf Bay. The end.

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    Once upon a time I defeated River Song on Christmas while the Master and a Dalek painted the TARDIS pink…Those crafty...
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    Once upon a time I crash the TARDIS with Jack in the console room meanwhile Jackie and river were fluffing the doctors...
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    Once upon a time, I went to the Beatles concert with Master and then I regenerated. Meanwhile Amy and Dalek got send...
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    once upon a time I visited the medusa cascade with eleven while orbiting a supernova. meanwhile jack and the tartis were...
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    Once upon a time, I got a boner because 11 and loved it, meanwhile, 9 and a dalek were preparing their wedding. The End....
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    Once upon a time, I explored a new planet with the Master and I regenerated. Meanwhile, River Song and a Dalek partied...
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    Once upon a time I visited Shakespeare with Rory, and it was awesome. Meanwhile, Mickey and Amy painted the TARDIS pink....
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    Once upon a time I explored a new plant with the Tenth Doctor on Christmas. Meanwhile, Rose and Jack Harkness painted...
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    Once upon a time, I ran (with) Mickey while orbiting a supernova. Meanwhile, Captain Jack and Rory were creating a...
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    Once upon a time, I solved a murder mystery about Nine with a Silurian. Meanwhile, Rose and Amy Pond painted the TARDIS...
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